The walls and floor of containers are a key source of concern when shipping goods. Often it is not possible to find conditions that meet necessary cleanliness standards or condensation can form on the walls leading to cargo damage.

Absorbent Liner has been developed as an innovative way to deal with these problems.

Impermeable materials combine adsorptive qualities with a mold-inhibitor to prevent contamination of goods. This means goods remain clean and dry from loading until they arrive at destination.

           1. features

  1. Light weight and High Tensile Strength.
  2. Water Retention.
  3. Mold Inhibitor.
  4. Specialized Hook for easy use.

 2. key benefits

  1. Cargo Remains Dry and Protected against condensation.
  2. Risk of Fungus growth is eliminated.
  3. Quicker and Easier to use than cardboard or paper.
  4. Eco-friendly and can be disposed as normal waste.

3. available sizes

  1. 20 footers Containers.
  2. 40 footers Containers.

For more details, kindly call 012 - 475 3533, Mr Wilbert ( Penang & Ipoh ) ; 012 - 421 5533 Ms Shienly ( KL, Malacca & JB), or email to enquiry@dspindustry.com.