The Absorbent Blankets is the pinnacle in protection against container rain. It focusses on maximizing rapid absorption whilst enhancing other key features such as breathability, resistance and ease of use.

The secret to the Absorbent Blanket's premier protection is that it focuses on the crucial moments when your cargo is most at risk. When the formation of "container rain" inevitably leads to cargo damage and loss.


          1. features 

  1. Click-On-Top Hook Hanging System.
  2. Leak proof Design.
  3. Breathable Membrane.
  4. High End Gel Formula absorbs unrivalled quantities of condensation

         2. key benefits

  1. Quick & Easy for installation.
  2. Protect from Start to Finish.
  3. Non-toxic and Safe to use with foodstuffs.
  4. Disposable as normal waste.


 3. available size

  1. 20 footers Container.
  2. 40 footers Container.


For more details, kindly call 012 - 475 3533, Mr Wilbert ( Penang & Ipoh ) ; 012 - 421 5533 Ms Shienly ( KL, Malacca & JB), or email to enquiry@dspindustry.com.