The Absorbent Bags give you what you need most when looking for a desiccant, maximum absorption in a small and easy to use package. This not only means peerless protection against moisture damage, but also unbeatable savings in loading space, labor hours and warehousing.

The key to the Absorbent Bag’s premier protection is that it combines the latest in breathable membrane technology with a high energy, fast acting gel formula, which can be hung in no time at all with a custom designed hook system.



1. features

  1. Zero Leaking.
  2. Peerless Absorption.
  3. Breathable Membrane.
  4. Immediate Action.

2. key benefits

  1. Spend No Time for installation.
  2. Better Protection with Higher Absorption from Start to Finish.
  3. Moisture stays absorbed for duration of use.
  4. Less units use per container, savings in space and spending.

3. Specifications

  1. Weight in 500g per bag.
  2. Absorption is at least 300%.

For more details, kindly call 012 - 475 3533, Mr Wilbert ( Penang & Ipoh ) ; 012 - 421 5533 Ms Shienly ( KL, Malacca & JB), or email to enquiry@dspindustry.com.